Serial cup 2022 winners

Serial Cup 2022 is now finished. We had demanding weather conditions this year, but anyay we were able to fly every day (4 valid tasks, 2 tasks were cancelled before starting cylinder). The competition ended up again with no injured pilots, which is always the first goal for us.

Six new lectures were presented, we will upload them to the website within next days.

 The main prize (Naviter Oudie) was as usual delivered to the pilots by lottery, this year the new device goes to Rainer Dieterle from Germany. are the winners in all categories: 
1st. Marko Hrgetič (Croatia / 777 Queen 3)
2nd. Rok Lotrič (Slovenia / Ozone Delta 4)
3th. Marek Janošik (Slovakia / UP Trango)

FUN CLASS (EN-B gliders)
1st. Dušan Durkovič (Slovenia / Nova Mentor 7 Light)
2nd. Matej Jarm (Slovenia / 777 Rook 3)
3th. Veronika Štampfl (Slovenia / Ozone Rush 6)

1st. Blaž Kešnar (Slovenia / Niviuk Artik 6)
2nd. Abel Varga (Hungary / PHI Allegro)
3th. Kvido Hadaš (Czech Republic / Drift Hawk)

1st. Robert Soros (Hungary / Flow Fusion)
2nd. Peter Spear (Canada / Airdesign Volt 4)
3th. Wojciech Chyla (Poland / Flow Fusion)

1st. Veronika Štampfl (Slovenia / Ozone Rush 6)
2nd. Jenny O´Neel (United States / Airdesign Volt 4)
3th. Raluca Ioana Mudava (Romania / Ozone Swift 5)

1st. Team Rongylepke (Abel Varga, Richard Dosa, Gaspar Balczo, Arpad Kalivoda, Robert Janos Baarna)
2nd. Team Outsiders (Sergey Lukasevich, Peter Spear, Jenny O´Neel, Dmitry Borodin, Alexander Lim)
3th. Team Krokar (Rok Lotrič, Tomaž Eržen, Miha Knific, Timotej Majdič)

Photos from prize giving - FB photo album

We wish to thank all of you, who helped us with the event - all the team, competitors and our sponsors: Naviter and Nova.