Info for pilots

From tomorrow morning, all information regarding comp will be delivered by WHATSAPP group SERIAL CUP - INFO 
For chat between the pilots, questions from your side,... use this group: SERIAL CUP - CHAT

So make sure you will sign in into those groups today. 


Weather situation for the beginning of the week is a bit uncertain, a cold front will pass us on Monday and some bora wind is predicted afterwards on Tuesday. The wind should decrease on Wednesday during the day. 

According to this weather situation we have decided to start with competition one day later. We will do registration on Tuesday and first competition day will be on Wednesday. Last competition day is Monday (30.8.). 

Registration will be open:

Tuesday 19.00 - 21.00
Wednesday 08.00 - 09.00

General briefing will be on Wednesday 9.00

In order to speed up your registration process, we ask you do to some important steps before entering to the HQ:
  • All foreign pilots: prepare the documentation proving you have valid IPPI LEVEL 5. This is really important, we need to check them according to this safety directive, issued by CAA:  
  • Prepare the rest of your payment in case you paid only reservation fee (110€ or 90€ for junior pilots)
  • Upload proof of airwothiness of your glider:
    You can take a photo of your glider sticker (where is visible that date of purchase is not older than two years or technical check is dones), or any other documentation (bill if glider is not older than two years, technical check documentation,...). Do it before you start your registration process, we will not finish registration without this step. 
  • Waypoints for the event and airspace files we have sended to the pilots by email. You can upload those file to your devices by yourself.  
We need to follow all national restrictions and regulations in order to prevent spread of coronavirus. Please bring your face mask. Facemasks will be mandatory during the transports to the take off, retrieve and the briefings.
According to the regulation for sports events we will also need to check at the registration if you have one of these: 
- negative PCR or RAT test, not older than 72 (hours) 
- certificate of recovery
- certificate of vaccination against COVID-19

For more details you can visit this site:

We can't allow you to compete if you do not fill these requrements. Before the event you can do RAT testing in Tolmin:

We will organise RAT and PCR testing during the event in the HQ (on Friday and on Monday before you will leave Slovenia). Testing on Friday is mandatory for all the pilots without certificate of recovery or certificate of vaccination. Price for the test is 20€, half of the price will be covered out of the entry fees.
More details and further info will follow by whatsapp group SERIAL CUP INFO.
We wish you all successful and safe competition!
See you soon,